E. Vern Taylor

Who am I, and how many times have I asked myself that mortal question? When I look back on my life, thinking of some of the things I've managed to do and been able to accomplish; in reverie, my aspiration alludes to the soul searching drama of "who am I…….really?" What have I done that's so "earth shakingly" relevant to mankind's plight toward making a better world for us all? Where can I touch the conscience of our quest to instill the belief that we really, truly can bring forth Harmony? It is then that I return, further back, into my reality: that of being accepted as an Artist amongst my peers, with the hidden undertones of my initial, unending passion for architecture, an innate facet of my persona. And with this I seem to realize that, perhaps, I might be able to make a "statement" with my artistic ability! My Creativity is the very essence of who I am, and what I am all about………why I am, where I am, when I am, and…….here, I am - E. Vern Taylor. Practically all of my life, I have been under the influence of becoming a creative individual. Coming from an expressive family, both of my parents were individually creative, and my siblings and I shared a loving upbringing. As an adult I wonder about my "place" in the world today. Why do I make the Art that I do? What brought me to this level of my life, that I would want to use my creative ability to make a statement about the African American Human Condition - what significance does this have in my life, with all due respect to man's mediocrity?

Well, as an African American with a fervent grounding in architecture, an Architectural Draftsman's Certificate, and a degree in Visual Arts, with various other interests; I have always had an affinity toward the Fine Arts. My sensitivities have taken me through a once promising musical career, a once promising architectural career; with, a ever burgeoning writing career, currently paralleling my career as an Artist. Engaging a project, I have always tried to instill my own sense of responsibility and integrity into whatever it is I am pursuing, always aspiring to convey and disperse, in its essence, the potential entity. The need for me to better the stay of mankind comes from a longing to be a part of the norm, which I don't feel I have ever intrinsically enjoyed as an African American. It is with this aspect in mind, which always seemed to nurture a longing "to be", that I am currently incorporating into my art. I am an Artist with the sole purpose of sharing the essence of my heart and soul with those who will listen and realize. This is who I am. "My Art is my statement!"

E. Vern Taylor
April 2005

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