"Goin'ta Ch'uch"

Anna would sometimes sit in the Rocker and wait for John and little John Jr., when they was just about ready to walk out the door. Always in a pensive mood on a Sunday mornin', she knew her day would be filled with the Lord's beauty. Sunday was always special because it was, truly, a day of rest for those she knew, and those she loved.

Born into a life of Slavery, they knew nothing else, and their lives were run accordingly. This was a time when we, as an oppressed people, surely knew of the hopelessness and disparity, predetermined by our owners and holders. But there was always a little bit of salvation, "come Sunday", when the Lord chose to smile down on the darker hued brother or sister, and lighten their loads for a short moment in a lifetime. A lot of times the spiritual promise kept us going…….all through…….till the end.

© 2004 E.Vern Taylor

20" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas

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