"hom. (Phase I)"

"Hom", were hom fo'a mighty lowng time, but den, it sometahm be hom fo'
shote tahm. It kno trials'n'tribulat'ns jes lak we alls did, 'cause all'us kno's dat we'as bound to dis here lif'a slav'ry. Weren't nuthin' take'us'way frum it, 'cept death o'de'good Lawd see fit ta free'us by lettin' us run'way up Nawth, an'dat be a lowng ways from chains'n'plantin'n'harvestin' 'n' cookin' 'n' helpin' Massa.

It be'd a ha'd lif fo'a da'ky.


© 2004 E.Vern Taylor

20" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas

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