"Whud'chu git . . . whe'a do it go?"

True "church" brought about the essence of spirituality; moving about,
flowing into the congregation's heart, and binding the ties of a body meeting in a holy place for the purpose of praising His name - the Spirit renders the feeling whole. The pleasant stillness of understanding amongst its heart gives special meaning to the text - His Word. It makes everything complete, with its therapeutic oneness.

And in song, moving together in song, Heaven seems to join, hand-in-hand, and this song is the way of existence, in singing, side-by-side in the celestial choir. It's healing power cannot be matched, in this movement. This is true, pristine spirituality and a certain blessing from God. He Smiles.

And in prayer from its heart, there is a healing that takes place like no other. Community rejoices through the one gift, the gift of love - when true church comes about.

And when all is done, . . . I smile.

© 2004 E.Vern Taylor

17" x 23" Monoprint

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