"Preservation (Phase Ia)"

Walkin' down da road, to Aunt Archie Lee's house, Mary thought:

" . . . Lawd me and ol' Bill sho' been blessed by ya Lawd. I use'ta here sto'ries how my gran'folks was sep'prated by dey ol' mar'ster, wid 3 chil'ren - all of'em tak'n off in diff'rent drec'shuns.

An' they was so many like dat, nevah knew who they was boun'ta, or nuthin'bout whe'ah dey come from, o'nuthin'! Jes' like they's sprouted up all'asud'dn. Marriage not rec'gnized, love not sac'red……………wasn't sen'sable fo' no one ta' git a'tached ta nuthin' - 'cause in mos' ou'a cases…….didn't las'…….didn't las'!

Ah jus' thanks'ya fo' what ol' Bill an' I have Lawd.

Praise ya'Name . . ."


© 2004 E.Vern Taylor

16" x 20" Acrylic on Canvas

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