"virgin water"

My God, my God, I know of no other land where you reveal yourself so splendidly. You have blessed me with appreciation and respect of all that surrounds me. How many of our gods do you favor to know this also - I know of them all.

You gave me "my" tree on the Serengeti Plains, a cool evening with your face setting slowly below my homeland - I can never touch you though I feel it in my heart - surely you must watch over me, as brilliantly fireous as you are. You give me time to know your majesty - I can feel it when I am in my private, secret place running my hands through the virgin water or wading in its cool refreshingness…

All of this…..all of this you have given to us - this all is my pride and our "Symmetry" in this garden, my God. You preserve us, helping our Family grow.
I know of no other land but mine - this you have made me a part of. This land where I will one day replenish its fertile soil, watching over the Family, in moving on.

I wear your blessing as a skin and feel its energy, surely in this garden, in this labyrinthine niche of pleasance.

I know of no other land . . .

. . . "Peace".


© 2004 E.Vern Taylor

16" x 20" Acrylic on Canvas

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