"de Massa-s'hip"

De massa-s'hip tuk we tu' dis country 'n' we toil long 'n' labrous'ly over he fiel', he crop, he mule 'n' animal; . . . cookin', cleanin' he house. He brung we heah from 'cross de big wata' to be he slave. Tuk' we 'way from our cun'try to wuk we lak he an'mal, own'ly we ten' he an'mal too!

Some 'us dies comin' ovah here, we pack'd so ti't own 'bode . . . o-oh' we jes don wanna be boun' lak an'mal, . . . not knowin' . . .

We 'kno we sto'ry 'an' de om'nus sha'dah de massa-s'hip brung we, when it com' ta we hom' . . . my hom.

© 2004 E.Vern Taylor

30" x40 " Acrylic on Canvas

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