"Plowin' W'uk"

Isaac wonder, as he plow his fiel' . . . "Where would we be, if we hadn't been stole'way from our Mother Land, after all this many yeah; what would we be doing now, and how far'long would we be . . . in life? What would our contributions to the World as a whole have meant, had we not been an "incorporated" segment of American industry; and how far could our ideas have taken us, had we not?

How much o'our High Culture and unlim'ted Wealth would have enlightened the World we live in, had it not been stealthily pirated and calculatedly extorted right out from under us? What place do we have in this World, if we are disdained because o'the color of our skin? What did we do to deserve the Lot cast, as we continue our plight in life . . . , an'will I finish plantin' this here Crop, today . . .

Who I'm, and where I comes from . . .

Wonder what my 'Tildy have on ou'table fo' sup'r
dis' eve'nin? . . ."


© 2004 E.Vern Taylor

17" x 23" Monoprint

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